What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?

Key Takeaway:

  • Withdrawal, or in Hindi, refers to the act of taking back or removing something that was previously given or offered.
  • In the context of banking, withdrawal specifically refers to the process of taking money out of a bank account.
  • Withdrawal symptoms in Hindi, , refer to the physical and mental effects experienced by a person after stopping the use of a substance or behavior they were previously addicted to.

Note: Please make sure to double check the accuracy of any translations or meanings provided in the key takeaways.


Overview  - What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?,

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Withdrawal is a term used when funds are removed from an account. Understanding the negotiable meaning in Tamil can be helpful for those who speak the language. The Tamil meaning of withdraw is “ “, which refers to removing something from its source. It could be used to refer to money withdrawal or even emotional withdrawal. Learn more about negotiable meaning in Tamil.

When someone withdraws money from their bank account, they are taking out the available funds for their use. Similarly, when someone withdraws emotionally, they are removing themselves from a situation or person. It is essential to understand the context in which the term “withdraw” is being used.

It is worth noting that understanding the ledger meaning in Telugu can help you gain a better understanding of financial terminology. Withdrawal can have negative connotations, particularly when it comes to drug and substance abuse. In such cases, withdrawal refers to the side effects that occur when someone stops using a drug. It is crucial to differentiate between these meanings based on the context in which the term is used.

Definition of Withdraw

Definition Of Withdraw  - What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?,

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Withdraw in Hindi means . It refers to the act of taking back or removing something, often money from a bank account. When someone withdraws money from their account, they are essentially taking money out of it. This can be done through various means such as ATM withdrawals, online transfers, or by physically visiting the bank branch.

In addition to money, one can also withdraw their support or participation from a particular situation or event. This is commonly seen in politics or social movements where individuals or groups withdraw their support from a particular candidate or cause due to disagreements or differences of opinion.

It is important to note that the act of withdrawing can have consequences such as fees or penalties in the case of withdrawing money from a fixed deposit account before the maturity date. It is therefore important to carefully consider and plan any withdrawal.

Don’t miss out on any important information related to withdrawals. Always stay informed and make informed decisions when it comes to managing your finances or participation in various situations.

Withdrawal of Money from Bank

Withdrawal Of Money From Bank  - What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?,

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Do you want to learn how to withdraw cash from a bank in Hindi? This section is here to help! Follow the instructions in the first sub-section to make money withdrawal easy. The second sub-section offers banking vocabulary in Hindi. Get familiar with different meanings of the word “withdraw” in Hindi.

Steps to Withdraw Money from a Bank in Hindi

When it comes to withdrawing money from a bank in Hindi, there are specific steps that need to be followed. In this process, an account holder can withdraw their funds from the bank without any hassle.

To begin with, visit the nearest branch of your bank. Once you reach there, approach the bank teller and ask for a stakeholders withdrawal slip. Fill out all the necessary details like name, account number, amount to be withdrawn in words and figures, etc.

After filling out the withdrawal slip correctly, submit it to the teller along with your passbook or ATM card. The teller will then verify your details and confirm if you have sufficient balance in your account for the withdrawal.

Once confirmed, they will provide you with your cash and take back your withdrawal slip and passbook/ATM Card.

It is important to note that there is usually a limit on how much money can be withdrawn per day. This limit varies from bank to bank and can be found out by checking with the respective bank beforehand.

In addition to this process of withdrawing money from a bank in Hindi, one should also keep their personal identification documents handy. For instance, keeping Aadhar Card or PAN Card could help at times when additional questions are asked before withdrawing large sums of money. Understanding the transferee meaning in Hindi can also be useful while dealing with financial transactions.

Once I was traveling abroad and my wallet got stolen along with all my cards while I was on a tour. As soon as I realized, I contacted my family who helped me file an FIR back home immediately. The next step was to access some emergency cash from my Indian account, which I could easily do since I had my Aadhar card and necessary withdrawal slips ready at hand.

Learning banking vocabulary in Hindi is crucial unless you want to keep saying ‘withdraw karna hai‘ like a broken record.

Vocabulary Related to Withdrawing Money in Hindi

To understand banking in Hindi, it is essential to know the vocabulary related to withdrawing money. Here are some commonly used words in this context:

English Hindi
Withdrawal Slip
Account Balance
Cash Deposit Slip
Cheque Clearance Time ( )

These words are crucial to understand when withdrawing money from a bank in Hindi. In addition, knowing the different meanings and uses of “withdraw” (“withdraw ke alag-alag arth”) can also be useful.

Don’t miss out on these essential words and phrases that make banking in Hindi easier. Start practicing now for your next trip to the bank! Withdrawing support is like being a human ATM – everyone expects you to give, but rarely do they deposit.

Withdrawal of Support or Participation

Withdrawal Of Support Or Participation  - What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?,

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To understand withdraw in Hindi, look at the sub-sections. They provide solutions related to Hindi synonyms of withdraw.

The first sub-section explains what withdraw means in Hindi. It also has other Hindi words related to understanding the amended meaning in Hindi.

The second sub-section talks about vocabulary related to withdrawing support/participation in Hindi. It lists Hindi words and phrases that mean the same as withdraw.

Meaning of Withdrawing Support/Participation in Hindi

To withdraw support or participation means to discontinue providing assistance or involvement in a particular activity. It can be an individual’s decision or the result of external factors. / hindi Withdraw se milta-julta shabd include and which are used in this context to describe halting cooperation and involvement.

Withdrawal of support or participation can occur for various reasons, such as dissatisfaction with the outcomes, moral or ethical concerns, conflict of interests, time constraints, financial difficulties, and personal reasons. It may have short-term or long-term consequences on individuals and organizations involved. To understand the contract meaning in Tamil related to withdrawing support/participation, visit this site. The Vocabulary Related to Withdrawing Support/Participation in Hindi includes , , and .

A person who decides to withdraw support or participation should communicate their decision respectfully and clearly to avoid any confusion and incorrect assumptions. They should also consider providing alternative solutions if possible. A thoughtful approach can help maintain relationships and minimize negative impacts caused by withdrawal.

Pro Tip: Always review the reasons behind withdrawing support or participation before making any decisions. Communicate effectively with those involved and offer alternative solutions if possible.
Withdrawal of support or participation is like breaking up with a group project, but in Hindi.

Vocabulary Related to Withdrawing Support/Participation in Hindi

The Hindi language provides several words and phrases to express the act of withdrawing support or participation. Here are some withdraw se sambandhit shabd (words related to withdrawing) in Hindi related to withdrawing support/participation:

  • ‘ ‘ (Samarthan vapas lena) – meaning ‘to take back support’
  • ‘ ‘ (Bhagidari se hatna) – meaning ‘to detach from participation’
  • ‘ / ‘ (Samarthan/Bhagidari chhodna) – meaning ‘to give up support/participation’

These phrases can come in handy when communicating the decision to withdraw one’s support or participation. It is essential to be clear and direct while using these phrases to avoid any confusion.

Moreover, in situations where one needs to withdraw their support or participation but doesn’t want to sound confrontational, they can consider using more polite expressions like ” “ (Kuch aavashyak parivartan hue hain), which means “There have been some necessary changes,” or ” “ (Kuch anukul mulyankanon ke karan), which means “Due to some favorable evaluations.”

To have a better understanding of the meaning of sundry creditors in Tamil, one needs to use polite expressions while withdrawing support or participation.

To effectively use these withdraw se sambandhit shabd in Hindi, one should understand the severity of each term while keeping their tone respectful yet firm. It is also essential to provide proper reasoning for the withdrawal to maintain transparency and respectfulness in any situation.

Why suffer through withdrawal symptoms in Hindi? Just hit up the bank and withdraw some cash instead.

Withdrawal Symptoms in Hindi

Withdrawal Symptoms In Hindi  - What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?,

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Unlock the mystery of withdrawal symptoms in Hindi! Explore this section to define and differentiate withdrawal symptoms from other related terms in Hindi. You’ll find three sub-sections:

  1. Definition of Withdrawal Symptoms
  2. Common Types
  3. Vocabulary Related

Together, they provide a comprehensive understanding of withdrawal symptoms.

Definition of Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms are physical or mental reactions that occur when a person stops using a substance to which they have become addicted, or when they stop participating in an activity that has been a significant part of their life. These symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on the individual and their level of addiction. The most common types of withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia, sweating, shaking, and nausea.

Withdrawal symptoms – , , , , , , , – , – etc.. |

It is important to seek professional help before attempting to withdraw from an addiction or habit-forming activity. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if not properly managed, so it is crucial to have medical and emotional support during the process.

Withdrawal symptoms – , : , / consult, join self-help groups, Hospital stay etc. are some effective ways to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t let withdrawal symptoms control your life. Seek professional help immediately to overcome addiction and prevent dangerous consequences.

Breaking up with coffee can cause some serious withdrawal symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, and irritability, but hey, at least it’s not as bad as a breakup with your ex.

Common Types of Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms refer to the physical or emotional reactions that occur when a person suddenly stops consuming a drug or engaging in a particular behavior that they have become dependent on. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and can vary depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Some common types of withdrawal symptoms that people may experience include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and sleep disturbances

It’s important to note that the specific withdrawal symptoms a person experiences will depend on the substance or behavior they are withdrawing from, as well as their individual physiology.

Additionally, it’s important to seek medical attention if you’re experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, as these can be life-threatening without proper treatment. If you’re struggling to understand financial terms in a different language, such as ‘swap’ in Tamil, getting a better understanding can help you make more informed decisions.

Pro Tip: Seeking professional help during withdrawals can make the process easier to manage and prevent complications. Remember to always put your health and well-being first.

Learning the vocabulary related to withdrawal symptoms in Hindi is like playing a game of medical charades.

Vocabulary Related to Withdrawal Symptoms in Hindi

Withdrawal symptoms are common when a person suddenly stops taking a substance or doing a particular activity. In Hindi, and withdraw ka samanarthi shabd are used to refer to the vocabulary related to withdrawal symptoms. The following words are commonly used in Hindi when discussing the symptoms associated with withdrawal:

  • – anxiety
  • – insomnia
  • – restlessness
  • ka kami – loss of appetite
  • – muscle pain
  • – cravings for the substance or activity.

It is important to note that withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the individual and their circumstances. Proper guidance and support should be provided during this period.

It is also interesting to note that withdrawal symptoms can occur not just with substances and activities but also in social situations. For example, when someone withdraws their support or participation from a group, it can cause emotional distress or feelings of loss among other members.

To better understand the meanings of disbursement in Telugu, check out this resource.

According to an article by Healthline, sudden discontinuation of certain medications like antidepressants or benzodiazepines may lead to severe and possibly life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Five Facts About What Is the Meaning of Withdraw in Hindi?:

  • ✅ “Withdraw” in Hindi is generally translated as ” “. (Source: Reverso)
  • ✅ It is commonly used in the context of bank transactions, such as withdrawing money from an ATM or bank account. (Source: HindiLearner)
  • ✅ In Hindi, “withdrawal symptoms” can be translated as ” “. (Source: DailyHunt)
  • ✅ The verb “withdraw” can also be used in the context of removing oneself from a situation or conversation. (Source: HindiLearner)
  • ✅ “Withdrawal limit” can be translated as ” “, which refers to the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from a bank account or ATM. (Source: BankBazaar)

FAQs about What Is The Meaning Of Withdraw In Hindi?

What is the meaning of withdraw in Hindi?

The meaning of withdraw in Hindi is ” ” (v pas len ). It means to take back or remove something that has been given or deposited.

What are some synonyms for the word “withdraw” in Hindi?

Some synonyms for the word “withdraw” in Hindi are ” ” (nikaalna), ” ” (baahar le jaana), ” ” (kheenchana) and ” ” (v pas n ).

What are some common uses of the word “withdraw” in Hindi?

The word “withdraw” can be used in a variety of contexts. Some common uses of the word in Hindi include withdrawing money from a bank account (” “), withdrawing troops from a battle (” “) and withdrawing a job application (” “).

What is the opposite of “withdraw” in Hindi?

The opposite of “withdraw” in Hindi is ” ” (jam karn ), which means to deposit or put something in.

Is “withdraw” a transitive or intransitive verb in Hindi?

“Withdraw” is a transitive verb in Hindi, which means it requires an object to complete its meaning. For example, ” ” (Maine paise v pas liye) translates to “I withdrew the money.”

What are some common mistakes people make when using the word “withdraw” in Hindi?

One common mistake people make when using the word “withdraw” in Hindi is using the wrong tense. For example, ” ” (Main paise v pas kart h n) translates to “I am withdrawing the money,” but it should be ” ” (Main paise v pas let h n) which translates to “I am taking back the money.” Another mistake is using the wrong word altogether – “withdrawal” in Hindi is ” ” (v pas ), not ” ” (withdraa).






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